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Qstar Storage Archive Appliance
SntryStr® delivers an extremely fault-tolerant RAID architecture and an innovative embedded data management layer that brings the highest level of reliability for the most data-intensive, on-line applications. The QStar SntryStr Archive Appliance provides an unmatched quality of service not found in other storage solutions, seamlessly integrating with business essential applications, such as email archive, video editing or storage, or even highly regulated applications such as medical imaging RIS/PACS.

SntryStr is designed to be fully integrated in a tiered storage system and supports a host of archive storage devices including low-cost serial ATA RAID disk, CAS devices, and write-once based storage libraries. It offers an on-line data cache, where data is stored on hard disk for instant retrieval and later migrated onto archive media for compliance and protection. Based on user-definable policies, data can reside in the on-line cache or deep in the archive and be available to any user on the network at any time.
The QStar integrated appliance approach strengthens the management capabilities of a tiered storage solution. SntryStr archive appliance combined with QStar MultiStor provides the ideal platform for an integrated tiered storage solution from a single vendor. By migrating data from primary to secondary storage, automatically within the QStar architecture, it can reduce the administrative costs and network complexity. In addition, companies get the best in application performance and data availability from a single vendor.
-Easy to Configure NAS-Based Platform  
- Rack Mount Configuration
- Multi-Tiered HSM Storage Support
- Raid-1 or Raid-5 NAS Appliance
- Installs Easily and Quickly With No Server Downtime
- Web Based GUI for Remote admin
- Auto-Sensing of Supported Archive Devices
- with Data Director and/or SDJ/STJ
- Seamless Support for Disk, Tape and Optical
- Secure Long-Term Accessible Storage
- Embedded Software Support with QStar HSM, Master,
- Policy Based Tiered Storage management
- Real-Time Mirroring
- True Worm Compliant and Re-writable
- Dynamically Expandable Volumes
- Transportable Media Sets