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Email Capture and Archive Appliance
Without question, email is the most widely used Internet application in the world. As a result, most organizations are unable to function without it. Given this dependence, corporate best practices dictate the need to retain and safeguard email archives. SntryML® is designed to meet these needs and easily maintain email archives.

SntryML automatically captures, indexes, and archives email messages from the email server and is capable of managing up to 250,000 messages per hour. Once captured, it enables users to search the archive for their messages when necessary without the emails having to reside on the email server. It minimizes the need for mailbox management, and is designed to meet compliance, e-discovery, and knowledge sharing business needs. SntryML is designed to let users access and integrate email archive data and extract information to make informed business decisions.

Two Tiered Storage Management
SntryML uses a two tiered storage management structure designed to manage content using automated, policy-controlled archiving to on-line storage devices for active management retention and then automatically migrating data to near-line storage devices providing seamless retrieval of information. The near-line storage is completely device independent and can be virtually any form of disk, optical or tape including WORM technology depending on retention needs.
SntryML is completely compatible with all QStar data management software, so moving email archives off to secondary storage is automatic and seamless.
- Based on the SntryStr Archive Appliance Platform
- Supports virtually any mail server even in a mixed environment
- Automatically captures 100% of all Email, sent and received
- Reduce mailbox limits while providing users with virtually unlimited email storage
- Adds virtually unlimited storage to any mail server seamlessly
- A complete easy-to-deploy and simple-to-manage appliance solution
- Creates a vendor-independent message repository with self-service access
- Capable of managing 250,000 messages per hour per SntryML
- No third-party software or application integration required
- Messages are archived in a vendor-independent format RFC822
- Attachments are archived with the corresponding email message
- Functions as a backup email server