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PoINT Jukebox manager
PoINT Jukebox Manager is a software solution to securely store data on optical media, including automated media quality check, using jukeboxes or single drives. High data availability is provided by media copies, and optional media mirroring and server clustering.

- Long-term archival on optical media (Blu-ray BD, CD/DVD, MO/UDO) including automated media quality check
- Green IT - low energy consumption (kWh / TB) using optical removable media and TÜV-certified hardware
- High data availability by media copying, media mirroring and server clustering
- High performance by integration of hard disks as cache
- Storage virtualisation by logical combination of multiple media to Volume Sets including automatic and on demand extension
- Highly flexible capacity adjustments by connecting multiple jukeboxes
- Simultaneous use of hardware by multiple applications (DMS, E-Mail Archive, HSM etc.)
Data losses as well as insufficient fulfilment of legal regulations constantly endanger the existence of companies and their responsible management. High fines and imprisonment resulting from undiscoverable information currently make headlines mainly in the US, but European governments have already picked this issue with EuroSOX. Consequently, the importance of data archival considerably rose becoming an important topic for the company management as well. PoINT Jukebox Manager offers an economically and ecologically reasonable solution for the safe archival of business critical data.
A Universal Storage Solution Using Optical Media